On 5th August 2014, Miss Natasha Barr from Papua New Guinea gained her Commercial Pilot Licence. After studying and flying with a lot of dedication for over a year, Miss Barr has achieved her goal of becoming a commercial pilot. She will now begin flight training towards the Instrument Rating and Multi Engine rating.

Aviation is developing by leaps and bounds in Papua New Guinea. As a result, more and more students from Papua New Guinea want to become Commercial pilots and fly for Air Niugini, Airlines PNG and other airlines in the country. Over the years, we have trained more than 50 students from Papua New Guinea and continue to welcome PNG students and cadet pilots every month.  New Zealand is one of the most popular locations for pilot training. Not only does New Zealand have a very high regard for aviation and flight training standards and safety, it is also a student friendly country and very close to Papua New Guinea.

Eagle Flight Training Ltd is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea (CASA PNG) as a Flight Training Organisation and is the only flight school in New Zealand to hold this approval. This approval ensures that we always meet the standard set out by the Papua New Guinea Government. From our experience, we know that many students from Papua New Guinea are sponsored by their local authorities, private trusts and private companies. We work closely with the sponsors to keep them informed of  student progress and achievements.

Our training programs include Private Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot Training, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine training, Flight Instructor Training and the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation. We can also help you if you have done part of your training elsewhere but would like to complete further training with us. Contact us today if you would like to know more about our training programs. We have been successfully teaching our students to think like captains, since 2004!