Since 2011, Eagle Flight Training provided flight training to students from Hong Kong. We have trained over 40 students from Hong Kong and continue to cater to the requirements of not only various departments of the Hong Kong aviation industry but also individual students who wish to make flying their career. With new modern glass cockpit aircraft Diamond DA 20 and the DA 40, Eagle Flight Training offer advanced technology and excellent instruction within a short period of time.

Our students spend 8 weeks to go from nil flying experience to being Private Pilot Licence holders.  We appreciate that HK students are well equipped with the knowledge and information needed to become competent pilots. They are all dedicated students with a high level of commitment. Our next batch of Hong Kong students are rearing up to start flying soon. They have already completed 4 of the 6 PPL theory exams and will start their flight training on 17th February 2014. By the end of April 2014, all of them will be back in Hong Kong and back to work!

Contact us today if you want to gain a Private Pilot License within 12 weeks. We understand the necessity of completing the training quickly but ensure that all our students are trained to the highest standard and level of competency.

We are successfully teaching students to think like captains!  So we are here to help you!