The first-ever Diamond DA20-C1 – fully equipped with G500 Glass Cockpit – within New Zealand and Australia!

The DA20 offers Garmin 10″ wide PFD/MFD glass cockpit, redesigned panel, 125 hp TCM IO-240 with Sensenich fixed pitch propeller,  450 lb full fuel useful load, utility category certification to max gross weight and is Spin Certified.

We are very pleased with the purchase of the aircraft, which is undeniably one of the best and most popular two-seat trainers in the world. We chose the DA20-C1 because of its modern technology, incredible fuel efficiency, and the glass cockpit makes it an overall superb training aircraft for new and experienced pilots.

The aircraft is available for all types of flights. We welcome everyone to Eagle Flight Training today. Please come in and fly DA20 with Glass cockpit.

Contact us for details on 09 296 1839 or