Special Offer

If you wish to build PiC cross country hours, under IFR flight plan, towards the 50hrs requirement for instructing cross-country navigation under IFR, according to AC 61-18, we offer you the Diamond DA40 with G1000 for only $200.00 per hour (HOBBS), plus landing fees and airways charges.

To be qualified you must hold:

  1. Current NZ CPL;
  2. Current NZ Flight Instructor rating;
  3. NZ IFR rating. If IFR rating is not current we will assist you with a renewal and GPS endorsement, if required.

So be smart, think ahead and remember, if you don’t take this deal, someone certainly will !

Please contact our Head of Training Mr. Murray Pope or Business Development Manager Ms. Ritika Singh for details.

Office phone: +64 9 296-1839

Emails addresses :

Good luck with your aviation career.

DA40 for flight instructors

$20000per hour
  • Valid ONLY for IFR cross-country