The best training airplane in its class offers industry leading Garmin G1000 glass cockpit avionic. The Diamond 40 is very safe and easy to fly during any stage of pilot training.It is also well equipped for single engine instrument training during the day and night. Along with our training aircraft DA20 (two seater) with Garmin 500 glass cockpit,DA40 will be an ideal platform for seamless transitioning to a full glass cockpit family of modern charter and commercial airline aircraft.

We have set up a Garmin G1000 and GPS course, which will help students to negotiate the problems associated with the various rules, acronyms and usage of the Garmin 1000 and GPS equipment.
The GPS course normally takes 2 days. We begin by showing a video as a picture tells a thousand words and follow up with power point presentations.
At the end of the first day an open book test is issued to assist with learning. The second day another short answer test is given that reflects in part what a Flight Examiner may ask prior to an Instrument flight test.
A test of understanding is required when using the GPS equipment, this is also checked for on the second day.

We think about all aspects of pilot training. We offer Diamonds airplanes for training to make our students ready for their first airline pilot job interview. You just need to take a step ahead in your aviation future and believe in yourself, we will complete the rest.