Two years of flying and studying aviation subjects in New Zealand, followed by an open job search work visa and the opportunity to fly in New Zealand as a flight instructor or part 135 commercial pilot.

NZ Diploma in Aviation is an NZQA Level 6 qualification, which not only opens up job opportunities for pilots but also makes international students eligible for a work visa.

We all know how challenging it is for  flight school graduates to find the first pilot job. Especially those students who choose to fly in India. Despite many promising forecasts from Boeing and Airbus, the Indian aviation employment market has experienced difficulties over the last three years due to an enormous number of Indian pilots available to local airlines. A possible waiting period of two – three years, since graduation, is common for pilots in India.  Does this mean that an aviation career in India is losing its long standing prestige? Within a few years, the entire Asia Pacific region will have a pilot shortage crisis and this is the right time, for future pilots in India, to start training and be airline ready when the jobs open up!

Among other Indian students who studied at Eagle Flight Training, Mr. Kush Mehta has recently  completed the two year study course, during which he obtained the Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument rating, Multi engine training and Instructor rating. At present, Kush works for Eagle Flight Training as a C Category flight instructor and assistant to the Quality Assurance Manager. We believe his dedication and hard work will take him a long way in the aviation industry! His training and strong fundamentals ensure a bright future in aviation. This success story shows that everyone can turn their dream into reality!

New Zealand Diploma in Aviation includes following courses:

  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course;
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) course;
  • Instrument Rating (IFR) course;
  • Flight Instructor (C-Cat) course;
  • Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) course (Optional).

We offer a good training environment, professional instructors, Diamond aircraft fleet with glass cockpit and two flight simulators, one of which, is a Boing 737-800 fixed base simulator, for MCC training.

Contact us today if you wish to study towards the NZ Diploma in Aviation and work in New Zealand.