In March 2014, two cadets from Vietnam Airlines – Mr. Nguyen Minh Quang and Mr. Trinh Hoang Khanh – flew to New Zealand and started at Eagle Flight Training to be come competent pilots. We are proud to report that Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Trinh are now pilots with Vietnam Airlines and will soon be flying jet aircraft around Asia. Their hard work and passion for flying resulted in them successfully completing all of the flight training in New Zealand and being placed with Vietnam Airlines within 18 to 20 months.

Since 2004, Eagle Flight Training is teaching several students to become competent Captains! Our programs include Commercial Pilot training, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine training, Multi Crew Coordination training and ATPL theory. We also offer the NZ Diploma in Aviation which includes a Flight Instructor training program. Our courses are specially designed  and, in many cases, meet individual student requirements. Our teams in New Zealand and Vietnam ensure that students are well informed and provided lots of support prior to and during their training. We provide high quality of training at affordable prices and ensure you meet all the CAAV and VNA requirements. So choose us and you will make the right choice!

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We wish you lots of luck in your aviation career and look forward to meeting you soon!