Eagle Flight Training is located in the southern part of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and the centre of the country’s retail and commercial activities.

Auckland is home to more than 1.3 million people and offers all the amenities you would expect of a major international city, plus easy access to spectacular beaches, islands, forests, and top-flight vineyards within half an hour of downtown.

Most of Auckland’s residents (63%) are of European descent, while 13% are Pacific Islanders, 11% are New Zealand Maori, and 12% are Asian. English is the main written and spoken language. Maori, Polynesian and Asian languages are also spoken by ethnic communities.

Sporting events are held every week and Auckland is counting down for its key role in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Local arts and music events often have a strong Pacific flavour and you can also catch the best international acts in world-class venues.

As the main international gateway to New Zealand for overseas visitors, Auckland is the most accessible to all regions by aircraft. It is also well served by buses, trains, and ferries that make the most of Auckland’s harbour-side location.

Auckland’s temperate climate, easy coastal access, and variety of activities consistently earn the city top five rankings in international lifestyle surveys. Each year around 50,000 international students take advantage of the high quality education and lifestyle offered in Auckland.

Life in NZ