Ardmore Airport is home to Eagle Flight Training and almost 100 other aviation businesses. Its world-class facilities, its proximity to Auckland City, and its superb climate make it the ideal base for flight training.

Located only 33km south of the centre of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, Ardmore is the country’s busiest airport and provides the ideal environment for student pilots to learn and gain confidence.

Ardmore Airport is New Zealand’s foremost aviation training centre – about 60% of all pilots trained in New Zealand are trained at here.

Ardmore is home to more than 300 aircraft and offers one sealed and two grass runways, a fully equipped control tower, and close proximity to dozens of flying schools, flying clubs, charter services, and aviation support businesses.

Established as an airbase for the US Air Force in 1943, Ardmore Airport is also the home base for about 40 historical ex-military aircraft affiliated to the New Zealand Warbirds Association.

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