Brand new Commercial Pilots always wonder how to build the experience that airlines require. Flight Instructor rating in most cases allows pilots to build flying hours, flying experience and very valuable knowledge.

Our highly experienced instructors at Eagle Flight training, spend three months to prepare new pilots with flight instructor rating. This intensive training includes in depth coverage of Principles of Flight, practising all the flight briefings, going through other aviation theory subjects and advanced flying instruction. The best instructors, most likely, join our team and continue their aviation careers with us. Along with the multi national, multi cultural environment at Eagle Flight Training, flight instructors are guaranteed a unique experience that will challenge you and motivate you to do better everyday.

Our upcoming course Flight Instructor Rating Program ( C Category) starts in March 2016 and we are accepting enrolments now. Our small class sizes ensure individual attention and high quality training. So, take that next step in your aviation career and contact us now!

Eagle Flight Training also provides pilot training for the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Instrument Rating (IFR) and Multi Engine rating. For pilots who wish to be airline ready pilots, we also offer First Officer pilot training, which includes CPL, ATPL theory training and Multi Crew Coordination (MCC) training. Eagle Flight Training also delivers the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation (NZQA level 6 qualification).