We are pleased to introduce our latest team member – Mr. Reuben Bhatt. He trained with us for  10 weeks and  became a fully qualified C Category instructor on 11th December 2013.

Mr. Bhatt previously graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management following which he decided on becoming an instructor. He believes this is the best way to build flying hours and valuable experience. Mr. Bhatt’s dream is to fly for a leading airline and becoming an instructor brings him a step closer to realizing this dream.

Eagle Flight Training provides the first 100 hours of supervised instruction to all who successfully complete the instructor training program with us. Our course is spread over 12 weeks and includes different components such as the Instructional Techniques course, advanced dual flying, intensive study of Principles Of Flight, theory subjects and ground preparation. We inculcate our trainee instructors with a high sense of responsibility and standards. The entire course is conducted by senior A or B category instructors and monitored by the Head of Training and Chief Flying Instructor.

Our instructors have gone ahead to secure positions in prestigious airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air and Air New Zealand. For those interested in building their career in General Aviation, some have continued on to become senior instructors at EFT and other major flying schools, while others are flying for Charter Airlines such as Pacific Jets. With a modern fleet of aircraft and students from all over the world, EFT provides instructors with abundant opportunities to build their experience and interact with others from various cultures and countries.

Contact us today to find out more about our Instructor training program. Our Instructor training programs in 2014 begin in January, May and September.