Private pilot licence

In 2012 DGCA, India changed their rules surrounding conversion of foreign licence to DGCA licence. All students who wish to convert their foreign Commercial Pilot Licence   and or ME/IR must now appear for theory exams and undergo flying tests / skill tests in India. Although the conversion process  is clearly specified by DGCA, locating the right flying school, arranging the skill tests and exams, and completing all this in a reasonable time frame often becomes the biggest challenge of the process. Add to this, travel, stay and food arrangements.

Eagle Flight Training Ltd is now offering assistance to all those who need to convert their foreign CPL licence and/or instrument rating in India. We arrange for the flying school, aircraft, flights, skill tests, hostel and food facilities.

For those yet to pass their DGCA conversion theory exams, Eagle Flight Training even offer revision classes depending upon the subjects you have to pass. Once you have completed the exams and the flying the next step is to submit all your documents to DGCA, India. Depending upon the experience, hours, licences and ratings you hold Eagle Flight Training Ltd will offer you tailored packages that meet all the DGCA recency and skill test requirements. All of this conducted in India by professional flight instructors and at a DGCA recognized school.

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