Eagle Flight Training has been teaching students from Hong Kong since 2010 and most recently members of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps have flown their first solo flight with us. During the time that the HKACC members are with us, they are introduced to the basics of flight, flying operations, UNICOM functions and of course, first solo flight.

Eagle Flight training provides training to students from various companies and organizations in Hong Kong and also trains students who enrol with us directly. Over the years we have trained students for the Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument rating, Multi engine aircraft training, Flight Instructor training, Multi Crew Coordination training, ATPL theory and NZ Diploma in Aviation. Our graduates work for airlines like Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air, Air New Zealand, Eva Air and Spice Jet. They are also with companies such as the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, Honk Kong ATC Department and the Hong Kong International Airport Services.

The Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps is a government funded unit who offer quality aviation education programmes to prepare young people for future services in the HK aviation industry. Many of its members go on to join the HK Civil Aviation Department, ATC Services, Airport Services and airline such as Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air. Members are highly motivated individuals who come to New Zealand to experience practical flying and learn the fundamentals of flight. We are proud to say that they worked very hard and achieved what they truly deserved.

Eagle Flight Training offers a variety of training solutions for students as well as corporates and ensure that a high standard of training is delivered at all times. In recent years, massive growth in aviation has been witnessed and as a result the demand for well trained pilots is forecast to be more than ever the coming years. If you want to be an airline ready pilot, contact us to find out how we can help you in your aviation career.