DA20 single engine training aircraft with G500

The Garmin 500, which you see in the image, combines a high-resolution primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function display (MFD) in one 10-inch wide bezel. That brings the basic training cockpit into the 21st century, while making each flight safer and even more enjoyable. Coupled with Garmin GNS  430 (GPS navigation device),  the G500 offers a professional panel that exceeds expectations without overwhelming a training pilot.

We offer a unique experience in glass cockpit training. DA20 with Garmin 500 could be used for Private Pilot licence  and Commercial Pilot licence training. The aircraft will help you adopt new technology and simplify your transition  to our multi engine aircraft with Aspen EFD 1000 glass cockpit for advanced Instrument Training as a single pilot of a multi engine aircraft. You will also have an opportunity to use our  full motion simulator RED BIRD FMX 1000 with either Garmin 500/1000 or ASPEN glass cockpit to develop your instrument flying skills.


New Generation aircraft DA20 (above) will be available for flight training at Eagle Flight training from January 2013. This aircraft, with the new glass flight deck, will give you the competitive edge  in your flying career.

Hurry up and talk to us if you want to be a pilot of the 21st century.

Good luck with your pilot career!

David Woodington – CFI