An Instrument Rating adds immense value and confidence to a pilot. Recently, two of our commercial pilots – Mr. Kirill Belov and Mr. Abdullah Sammy – have achieved their Instrument Rating. This qualification allows them to fly under IFR conditions, which means they can fly in adverse weather conditions and even in and above clouds. Just like an airline pilot!

Both students spent between 12 to 16 weeks training towards the Instrument Rating during which they completed theory training for 3 exams, GPS ground course and flight hours in the simulator and aircraft. Hard work and dedication resulted in both students passing all the exams with good scores!

To join our Instrument Rating Training program, you need to hold at least a Private Pilot Licence. Along with that, you should have completed the CPL theory papers and the cross country flying, but don’t worry if you haven’t achieved this yet, because we can help you complete all this! Our courses start every month. Our modern aircraft used for Instrument Rating training, the Diamond DA 40 and Diamond DA 42, are glass cockpit aircraft with the Garmin G1000 panel and auto pilot function. Our full motion simulator is equipped with state of the art systems and is perfect for ground based training before you start flying.

Eagle Flight Training can also help you with other flying licences and qualifications such as the Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Flight Instructor training, Multi engine aircraft training, ATPL theory, Multi Crew Coordination training and the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation. We not only train individual students, but also work with various aviation authorities and corporates across the world and train their cadets, ensuring that we provide high quality training and deliver airline ready pilots.

If you are thinking about a flying career or know someone who wants to become a pilot, contact us today to find out how we can help you! We have been successfully teaching our students to think like Captains since 2004!