Every year Eagle Flight Training trains and mentors between 5 – 10 instructors, who continue to instruct at EFT’s Auckland and Palmerston North bases. These instructors are focussed and hard working pilots who wish to build invaluable flight experience and work with airlines in the future. So far, instructors trained by EFT have secured jobs with airlines such as Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air or in some cases have moved to foreign countries to work as flight instructors with major flight schools.

This year EFT is delighted to be training two Japanese students who upon successful completion of the flight will join the team of EFT and continue to instruct our future students. Both trainee instructors have NZ Commercial Pilot Licenses and have spent over two years in New Zealand, ensuring that they are well and truly familiar with the teaching methods and well as lifestyle of the country.

Since EFT recruits students from all over the world including countries such as Hong Kong, India, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore, the addition of two Japanese instructors to our multi cultural team will be a tremendous asset. Industry forecasts suggest that around half a million pilots will be needed across the world over the next 20 years. With a massive shortage of pilots forecasted in the Asia Pacific region, increasing number of students are turning to flight training and airline pilots jobs as a career option.

Eagle Flight training provides training from the basic levels (PPL) to advanced CPL level, Instrument Ratings, Instructor ratings, ATPL theory, Multi Crew Coordination training and NZ Diploma in Aviation. We also assist with future employment opportunities in New Zealand and the South East region. Contact us today if you wish to explore the possibility of becoming a commercial pilot.