The best aviation theory classes in India. The second intake for theory classes in Pune starts on 11th November 2013

The first batch of students have made us confident that the theory training in India will keep our students more focused and motivated during their study period in New Zealand, if they have done theory classes in their own country.

While the students in New Zealand were studying aviations subjects and adjusting to the New Zealand style of learning, students in India were in their home country studying. Being at home, reduced the stress level for student in India and helped them concentrate on the study in most the efficient  way. So when they come to New Zealand,  they will be familiar with the flight training environment and only having to learn practical aspects of the aviation career.

We welcome everyone to join our classes if you wish to check your potential as an airline pilot. Follow this link and pay online the tuition fee. The cost is in NZ Dollar 

Upon completion of this course:

  • You will automatically be enrolled with Eagle Flight Training in either private pilot or commercial pilot programme.
  • You start flying from the first day after arriving in New Zealand while other students are completing the ground classes. You will be well ahead of them.
  • You will save money spent on staying in New Zealand.
  • You will also save six studying weeks that you could utilise towards better preparation for commercial pilot flight test.

We offer modern facilities and professional flight instructors. All instructors are ex-air force or airline pilots with extensive knowledge of aviation theory and experience in preparing students for careers in aviation. They will get you to understand what aviation is about and what you should expect from your flight training and future career path.

Our ground classes represent the safest way to see if this prestigious career in aviation is the one you want. It is always better to know early whether you should move ahead into aviation or whether you would rather become an engineer or maybe a bank manager.

But if you think that you belong in aviation and would love to fly a real aircraft instead of a computer flight simulator this is what we offer:

If you join our classes, pass all six theory exams in the first attempt and enroll in an Eagle Flight Training programme, we will cover all your expenses related to the student visa application (except for immigration medical examination).

Also, if you achieve the best results in your batch and enroll with Eagle Flight Training for the flight training programme, we will pay for the airfare from your hometown to Auckland.

Fill the form on the right sidebar of this page if you wish to join the next group of students or pay online the tuition fee. The cost is in NZ Dollar.

Good luck in your aviation career!