Flying solo for the first time is often the best memory any pilot has. You get to fly by yourself, land by yourself, make all the radio calls and then have a big celebration with all your mates on ground! Mr. Hamizan Ilias experienced all this and more when he flew solo for the first time on 23rd August 2014.

Hamizan started his Commercial Pilot training with us in June 2014. Since then he has studied all the theory subjects for the Private Pilot Licence, flown solo flights and is well on his way to obtaining the PPL. After gaining the Private Pilot Licence, Hamizan will focus on the Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Training. Although Hamizan can return to Malaysia after gaining the CPL and pursue job opportunities in his home country, he has chosen to continue studying at Eagle Flight Training towards the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation, which is an NZQA level 6 course. While completing the Diploma in Aviation, he may choose to either become a qualified Flight Instructor or complete the ATPL theory subjects and Multi Crew Coordination training.

Flying similar planes like the Diamond DA20 and DA40 for single engine aircraft training and the Diamond DA42 for the multi engine aircraft training, makes it easy for students when then transition from a simple aircraft to an advanced aircraft during the various flight training stages. Hamizan flies the Diamond DA20 for the basic training after which he will fly the DA40 for Instrument Rating and finally the DA42 for multi engine training.  These aircraft are technologically advanced, full glass cockpit and well liked by airlines. The DA20 single engine aircraft has the Garmin G500 and the DA40 (single engine) and DA42 multi engine aircraft have the Garmin 1000 systems ensuring that students like Hamizan fly modern, glass cockpit aircraft from the very first day of the flying training.

We have been successfully teaching students like Hamizan to think like Captains since 2004. Over the years we have students from countries such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India, Bhutan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand! Contact us today if you would like to /join us and become an airline pilot!