Mr. Sriram Manoharan was awarded the NZ Diploma in Aviation (Level 6) in November 2013.

Sriram has completed the two year study course, during which he obtained the Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument rating and Instructor rating. Now he is B Category flight instructor, works for  Eagle Flight Training and holds the role of Chief Flight Instructor at our Palmerston North base, where Eagle Flight Training delivers high performance Private Pilot Training  programme for cadets  from Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong. Sriram also holds the position of Chief Ground Instructor and he is responsible for all theory training at EFT.

Sriram is a professional flight instructor. We believe his dedication and hard work will take him a long way in the aviation industry! His training and strong fundamentals ensure a bright future in aviation.

This is another success story of one of our international students, who has made his dream into reality! It is a perfect example for aspiring pilots and aviators who want fly and join the elite league of pilots someday. Sriram worked hard during his training which has resulted in him having a bright career in New Zealand from the very beginning of his professional life. The Diploma in Aviation enabled Sriram to continue working with Eagle Flight Training in New Zealand through a Graduate Job Search Visa. These opportunities are available to any and all international students who wish to become a professional pilot and complete the NZ Diploma in Aviation.

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