The aviation industry is growing at a pace faster than ever before! Naturally, the demand for pilots is also greater than ever before! Our most recent graduate and Commercial Pilot Licence holder, Mr. Tejaeshwar Raja, is all set to enter the Indian aviation industry as an airline ready pilot! You see him here, receiving his CPL epaulettes from our Chief Flying Instructor, Mr. David Watson.

Over one and a half years, Mr. Raja worked hard and achieved a CPL with Multi engine Instrument Rating (MEIR). His flying and flying test have been completed on the Diamond family of aircraft, mainly the Diamond DA40 and Diamond DA42, which are recognised by DGCA India. All our aircraft are modern, advanced and fully glass cockpit, preparing new pilots for future careers as airline pilots. Our Multi Crew Coordination program goes one step further and gives fresh Commercial pilots a chance to train in a multi crew, big jet environment.

Our courses start regularly through the year. Eagle Flight Training offers international students the following courses:

So if you are thinking of a career in aviation and want to become a pilot, don’t wait anymore because now is the right time to start! Contact us today and find out how we can help you in your aviation career!