Nine students, three flight instructors and three aircraft have been working together during the intensive training conducted for our Hong Kong students. All students have successfully completed the training and returned home with a New Zealand Private Pilot Licence. We believe that the knowledge gained and personal flight experience would help them in their future career as Air Traffic Controllers in Hong Kong. Indeed, they are now pilots and would assist arriving and departing aircraft and their crew as colleagues, thinking ahead of airline needs.

Our team, led by Captain Murray Pope, has done amazing work preparing students up to PPL standards within 8 weeks. “The performance of the Hong Kong cadets didn’t surprise me at all since we have successfully completed this nature of training in 2011 as well. Furthermore, our approach to the training, syllabus and training methods gave us 100% confidence that we would get the job done! I believe this achievement is unbeatable and now we challenge new students to repeat this flight training  – from no experience to PPL in 8 weeks.

If you wish to be a part of this training programme and need to get your Private Pilot licence as soon as possible, we will help you!

Please contact Ms. Ritika Singh, our sales team leader, to discuss further details on +64 9 2961839 or