Our fully integrated flight training programmes are designed to mould students into strong, decisive, skilled pilots capable of operating at the highest levels in the commercial and corporate sector.

Eagle Flight Training will provide you with not only a solid foundation in all the critical areas of aviation theory and flight skills, but also teach you how to work effectively in the constantly changing environment of the skies.

You will learn aviation theory via a structured syllabus taught in classroom situations that will maximise your readiness for examinations.

You will learn flight skills from an instructor who will get to know you, how you fly, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Our instructors are continually evaluated and trained to maintain the highest standards.

The Chief Flight Instructor oversees all training, and will happily discuss your flight training with you at any time.

Training flights, classes take place from early morning until well into the night, giving you maximum flexibility in scheduling flights while also providing time for ample ground study.

Our programmes are structured to cater for international and domestic students, including flexible starting dates.

You can enrol in our courses with or without previous flight training and pilot licenses. Any hours of flying you may have completed prior to joining us may be credited if appropriately validated.