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Once you have achieved your Private Pilot Licence (PPL), it is time to think about improving the standard and quality of your flight skills. Commercial pilot training is focussed on this.

For example, do you know that general aviation (GA) commercial pilots carry maps in the cockpit, but don’t really use them during the flight? They fly by using reference points on the ground.  We will teach you this technique. Do you know that GA commercial pilot is able to fly an aircraft under visual flight rules relying on charts, compass and ground features in visibility of 5,000 meters and when clouds are 600 ft above ground? You would learn this as well. Max rate turns, stalls, spins, coastal  reversal  turns, mountain and low flights (really 50 ft above ground!!!) and many many other features that would distinguish you from a private pilot or even a commercial pilot flying anywhere else in the world. We call it advanced pilot training, where the outcome is a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Now here is a question, what should you do with your new issued commercial pilot licence? Well, there are a few options available: become a flight instructor aiming to hold a flight examiner rating, or a charter pilot or an airline pilot. You can even continue with instrument rating and multi crew coordination training required for airline employment.

Either way, we will keep you fully occupied as a student for the next year or two depending on your financial situation, luck and self-motivation. What’s even better, you can deviate from a selected studying path at any time. The aviation career consists of modules that could work for you independently or in combinations. But if you want to implement the commercial pilots skills, then this is the perfect bridge to a new life of style . Remember the movie with Harrison Ford acting as a pilot of a float aeroplane around pacific islands? We can help you do this! CPL gives you a chance to work when you want, where you want. Sounds good for people looking for challenges and thinking about a new life style.

The course structure.

The theoretical training for the CPL covers many of the same subject areas as the Private pilot training but in much greater depth. The aim is to provide the student with an enhanced ‘situational awareness’ that enables them to anticipate problems and know how best to handle any scenario in flight.

  • Air Law.
  • Flight navigation general.
  • General aircraft technical knowledge.
  • Human factors.
  • Meteorology.
  • Principles of flight and aircraft performance
200 hours legal minimum including flight hours of private pilot licence training (100 hours of instructional training and 100 hours of pilot in command)
  • Commercial pilot cross-country test
  • Commercial pilot flight test – demonstration of skills competency.
  1. At least 18 years of age.
  2. Class 1 medical certificate.
  3. Last two years of secondary education have been with English as language of instruction OR at least 3 years of work experience in New Zealand / Australia / UK / Canada OR Minimum score of 5.5 GEN in IELTS or equivalent.

Flight instructor training

Eagle Flight Training works closely with CAA testing officers to ensure our flight training center produces high quality Flight Instructors.

Multi Engine aircraft rating

In the same way you need different classes of licence to operate cars, heavy trucks, and motorcycles, special ‘type ratings’ are required to operate different ‘types’ of aircraft – including multi-engine aircraft.

NZ Diploma in Aviation

It is about prestige and future opportunity. You would experience a strong competition in aviation industry. So any degree any extra qualification you gain while you are doing your training and simply have time to do so, will support you application.

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