Eagle Flight Training works closely with CAA testing officers to ensure our flight training center produces high quality Flight Instructors. Your career as a Flight Instructor begins with gaining your C-Category (‘C-Cat’) Rating.

Training to become a Flight Instructor is the best way to build hours and gain pilot experience. When you finish this training program, you will be immediately employable as a Flight Instructor by any one of New Zealand’s flight training academies. For many, this career path helps them to bridge the gap between achieving their Commercial Pilot Licence and becoming an airline pilot.

This course is designed to develop in each candidate a desire to train and impart upcoming pilots instruction, using training methods that fully integrate safety awareness, critical thinking, sound judgment, and threat and error management. Contact us for details.


  • May include:
  • Multi-engine experience.
  • Night flight experience.
  • Aerobatic experience.
  • Practice and theory of flight instruction.
  • Principles of flight and performance.
  • Meteorology.
  • Cross-country navigation techniques.
  • Dual flight instructor training.
  • Emergency flight manoeuvres.


  • Emphasis on:
  • Meteorology.
  • Flight navigation.
  • Air law.
  • Principals of flight.
  • Briefing techniques.
  • Instructional techniques.

Flight time

100 hours – including 25 hours of dual flight instructional techniques and 1 hour spin recovery lessons.


  • Instructor C-Category Rating.


  1. Minimum qualification: CPL.