During Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot License training, you will learn to fly using visual references – but the ability to fly by instruments alone is mandatory for all airline, charter, and corporate pilots throughout the world. Contact us for details.


We will train you in simulated and actual Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) conditions with training aids designed to help you concentrate only on the instrument panel. Instrument flight training will teach you how to fly in any weather conditions, in zero visibility, and at night.


  • IFR navigation – practical air navigation using radio navigation aids..
  • IFR Law – rules and procedures relevant to flight under IFR.
  • Instruments and navigation aids – use, limitation, and serviceability of avionics and instruments necessary for the control and navigation of aircraft under IFR.

Flight time

40 hrs flying by instruments.

Course length

4 months


  • Instrument Flight Rating.
  • Can fly an aircraft by instruments alone.


Minimum qualification: Private Pilot License.