Eagle Flight Training will teach you all the practical and theoretical skills required to achieve your Private Pilot Licence (PPL). In 50 hour of flight time, we’ll take you from zero to hero – no previous flying experience is necessary.

  • Practical Training
  • Preparation for flight.
  • Starting and run-up procedures.
  • Taxiing.
  • Straight and level flight.
  • Aircraft manoeuvres.
  • Take-off, circuit, and landing (usually achieved within five hours of flight time).
  • Cross-country flying.
  • Emergency procedures.

Theory Classes

  • Air Law – CAA rules and regulations.
  • Air navigation and flight planning – including map reading and safe route planning.
  • Aircraft technical knowledge – how the mechanics and systems of an aircraft operate.
  • Flight radiotelephony – including correct terminology and communication during flight and taxiing.
  • Human factors – understanding your physical limitations in flight.
  • Meteorology – including predicting weather changes and safe handling of different weather conditions.


  • You will be qualified private pilot, able to exercise the privileges of private pilot provided for by Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
  • You will hold Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence (FRTO).
  • Can act as pilot or co-pilot of an aircraft.
  • Can carry passengers, parents and friends .