Flying solo for the first time is the best experience every pilot has while training. It is also the first major achievement in any pilot’s career. On 18th July 2014, our Vietnam Airlines cadets – Mr. Nguyen Minh Quang and Mr. Trinh Hoang Khanh flew solo for the first time!

After 12 weeks of intensive theory training, both cadets took to the skies to fulfill their lifelong ambition of becoming pilots with Vietnam Airlines. Flying solo has brought them one step closer to realising this. The cadets now have another  36 weeks of training which includes a lot of flying, IFR theory and ATPL theory training. They will return home as airline ready commercial pilots with Instrument Flight rating and ATPL theory credits.

Vietnam is the third fasted growing country in the aviation industry. Pilots are in high demand and all major airlines, not only in Vietnam, but also in South East Asia are actively recruiting pilots. Vietnam Airline and Viet Jet Air, both have ambitious plans of expansion and are constantly increasing their fleet and routes. Due to the lack of qualified pilots within Vietnam, the airlines have a large number of foreign pilots flying for them. But, there will not be enough money and resources to continue hiring these pilots from overseas. Because of this airlines in Vietnam are now turning towards the youth in Vietnam and encouraging them to become professional pilots.

For anyone in Vietnam, this is the best time to begin your pilot training with Eagle Flight Training Ltd – The Aviation School of New Zealand. We are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines and Viet Jet Air. We have a special training program designed for Vietnamese students to meet the Vietnam Airline requirements. Contact us today if you want to find out how you can become an airline pilot. We have been successfully teaching our students to think like Captains since 2004!